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Automating Tasks, Elevating Productivity

At Leidit, we provide our customers with business solutions to elevate their overall productivity by ensuring flawless functionality at every step. With over 25 ServiceNow certifications, we offer a diverse range of business automation solutions to our customers.

Working Together Toward Building Excellence

Our team believes in creating holistic experiences for our customers. Our team will support you at every stage of the process with rigorous research and insights that are focused on building solutions tailored to your requirements. Leidit supports your digital transformation journey beyond your solution implementation.


We collaborate with you to address your needs and overcome any disparate support applications and expensive customized support systems.


We help customers to introduce novel products and services to market at a faster pace and with top of the line technology.


We offer automation-driven solutions that reduce costs and empower your teams to empower your teams to deliver informative responses and issue resolution with immediacy.

Leidit Core Values

We pride ourselves on bringing people and technology together to have connectivity at the crux of telecommunications. Our goal is to provide customers with solutions that are adaptive and reactive to organizational needs.

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Fostering Growth

Growth is fostered by replacing siloed legacy systems and creating a unified service center with streamlined systems that also enables insight into a customer’s journey.

ServiceNow ITSM Solutions

Research-centric Approach

Leidit understands the customer’s requirements first. We then compare existing customer systems with the latest technologies and capabilities in order to come up with a measured solution.

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Sustainable Development

We don’t believe in one-off solutions when approaching the pain points elucidated by our customers. At Leidit, we believe in implementing sustainable, repeatable, and future-ready solutions.

Solutions To Drive Success

ServiceNow solutions

Our Team

Alex Khayo

Founder, CEO

Enver Malsia

Co-founder, CTO 


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Join our team

Come and join us in our journey towards building a futuristic tomorrow propelled by hard work, dedication, and excellence.

Our Customers



This Multiple Award Schedule grants agencies direct access to the Leidit experts.


Agencies can purchase our products and services under existing contracts with Carahsoft. Add professional services funding to a Carahsoft contract to have access to our certified experts.

Our Partners

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Leidit is a ServiceNow Elite Partner in the Public Sector, Sales, Services, Technology segments. Leidit is nurturing the partnership with ServiceNow through the implementation of ServiceNow best practices, ever increasing staff certification and continued market growth.


Our partnership with Carahsoft allows us to provide our products and services to the public sector simply by adding an amendment/modification to their existing ServiceNow or Carahsoft contracts.

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What Our Customers Say

This is one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with.

Federal Government customer
Leidit team has exceeded our expectations, thank you for such professional work and service.
Overseas Federal Customer
Extremely satisfied with the automated tools. Works Perfect, thanks!
Federal Government customer
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Alex has over 24 years of experience in various areas within the IT field, including work in software development, infrastructure projects, and time as a field system manager. Khayo has a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering and earned his Executive MBA from Northwestern University. Much of Khayo’s experience came while working overseas for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). After his time working at USAID and later at a rapidly growing IT consulting organization, Khayo realized that he wanted to start his own company – one that would harness his experience and expertise to deliver high-quality solutions while employing a more professional approach. Khayo established Leidit in 2017 with his partner Enver Malsia.

Coming from conflict-inflicted countries, both Malsia and Khayo worked hard and navigated hardships in their journeys to move and establish their careers in the U.S. “We value opportunities and work hard to always be prepared, because where we came from, opportunities are very scarce. We are on a continuous improvement path, both technically as IT professionals and as business managers.” For Khayo, the truest marker of success is continued customer satisfaction – knowing the organization has helped a federal agency better achieve its mission. The relationships they build with their customers, along with their technical knowledge, is what Khayo believes ultimately drives customer retention. “Our goal is to make an impact with every project we land,” he says. “Those accomplishments give us energy to keep going and doing more.” 

Khayo is a Scaled Agile certified consultant, PMP, has three ServiceNow CIS certifications and is a certified TBM consultant.

Enver has over 22 years of experience on IT systems, including designing innovative IT solutions and enhancing existing systems with new features. He has a demonstrated commitment to improving business productivity and efficiency, having developed systems for asset management, records management, and a variety of other process automation applications during his career. Much of Malsia’s experience came while working overseas for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). 

Malsia always had an interest in technology. Growing up in war-torn Kosovo, “my dream was to be a programmer,” he says. When he got his first PC – a Commodore 64 – Malsia began learning BASIC and continued his programming education while living under extreme wartime conditions. He earned his Master of Science in Computer Sciences from University of Prishtina, Kosovo. 

Malsia manages Leidit’s partnership with ServiceNow, ensuring that the organization stays up to date with all the certifications; he also directs and builds ServiceNow Store applications. He is a ServiceNow Certified Master Architect (CMA) and has six CIS certifications, a ITSM Suite certification, a ITIL v4 Foundation certification, and is a Certified ServiceNow Developer. He possesses a broad range of technical skills within ServiceNow and with other software development tools as well.