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Your Vision, Our Expertise

Together, We LEAD

Driving innovation with ServiceNow Solutions, LEIDIT is committed to fostering your business success through respect, inclusion, and creative collaboration.​

At LEIDIT, We Lift Each Other Up to New Heights

Welcome to LEIDIT, a quiet yet profound force in the IT universe. Our mantra, “At Leidit, We Lift Each Other Up to New Heights,” isn’t just a slogan; it’s an embodiment of our everyday ethos, reflecting our genuine commitment to shared growth.

In the vast expanse of the ServiceNow arena, we have patiently carved our niche, emphasizing humility, perseverance, and dedication to excellence at every turn. Our journey isn’t one of meteoric rises or flashy accolades but of steady progress, genuine relationships, and an unyielding focus on the tasks at hand.

While we take immense pride in our accomplishments and the trust our clients place in us, we understand that it’s the subtle undercurrents – the late-night problem-solving, the collaborative brainstorming sessions, and the relentless pursuit of better solutions – that truly define us. At our core, LEIDIT is about putting in the work, day in and day out, and letting the results speak for themselves.

LEIDIT is a distinguished ServiceNow Elite Partner, dedicated to delivering unparalleled solutions and expertise within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

LEIDIT is a SBA 8(a) certified Small Disadvantaged Business.

Our Guiding Compass​

In the intricate tapestry of IT, each thread signifies a unique challenge and an unmatched opportunity.
At LEIDIT, we don’t merely traverse this vast domain; we intertwine our story within. Every collaboration we initiate, every solution we forge, is anchored in profound understanding and shared growth. Embracing the conviction that true advancement is born from unity and innovation, our mission takes shape. Together, we're not just deploying technology, but leveraging its transformative might, enriching organizations and businesses, and setting unparalleled standards in service. In every endeavor, we're not merely offering solutions; we’re sculpting legacies.​

Together Towards Tomorrow

At LEIDIT, we see the vast expanse of IT as a realm of endless possibilities.
Our mission is clear: to weave a narrative of innovation, collaboration, and growth. With every partnership, every solution, we aim to harness the collective power of technology and human ingenuity, driving businesses forward and setting new benchmarks in excellence. Our commitment is to not only navigate tomorrow's challenges but to shape them, ensuring a brighter, unified future for all.

What We Do

Empowering your workflow with LEIDIT

Dive into streamlined processes with Leidit, your Elite ServiceNow Partner. From IT to Employee Workflows, we craft solutions that redefine efficiency. Elevate your business with us.

IT Workflows

Enhance ServiceNow with modern workflows, leveraging secure automation for issue anticipation, increased productivity, and scalable services.

Employee Workflows

Enhance employee engagement and productivity with unified experiences. Simplify processes and enable information access through preferred channels.

Customer Workflows

Equip customers with personalized self-service capabilities while providing agents with the necessary visibility to anticipate customer needs

Creator Workflows

Accelerate app development by providing citizen developers with pre-built templates and low-code tools.

App Development​

Specializing in custom application development and integration, we optimize IT processes and unleash the full potential of your ServiceNow instance.

Change Management​

Delivering comprehensive change management and effective stakeholder communication services with minimal disruptions.

Integration & Implementation​

Leverage our expert ServiceNow implementation for rapid, value-driven deployments and seamless business outcomes.

Design Services​

Optimize user experience with custom software applications. Our certified team modernizes workflows, for enhanced productivity. ​

Project Management​

With our Project Management services, you gain real-time insights into project progression, ensuring swift issue resolution and seamless team collaboration.

Simplified Asset Management with 'MyAssets'

Modern organizations require efficient ways to manage their growing inventory of assets, especially those assigned to their employees. “My Assets” by LEIDIT offers a groundbreaking approach to asset management by digitizing and simplifying the entire process. LEIDIT’s “My Assets” was conceived with a singular vision: to simplify asset management while ensuring efficiency and accuracy. By granting individual users and asset team members access to their personalized views, we ensure seamless asset verification, validation, and management.

Included Key Features

Personalized Employee Dashboard

Enables users to verify, certify, or raise disputes regarding their assigned assets. Empower your employees by giving them a say in their asset management.

Efficient and Inclusive Asset Tracking

Get a bird's eye view on assets categorized by user, department, or location. Contact employees directly from the application and launch asset verification across the organization or by small groups.

User-friendly Dispute Tracking

An intuitive system ensures that any asset disputes raised by users are efficiently captured, tracked, and resolved. Asset admins can view and manage all disputes in one convenient location.

Asset Admins Comprehensive Overview

A central dashboard equipped with customizable graphs, charts, and widgets paints a clear picture. Monitor metrics like certified assets, yet-to-be-validated assets, and disputed assets at a glance.

Why Choose LEIDIT's MyAssets?

Boosted Productivity & Satisfaction

With simplified, digital-first approaches, witness tangible benefits in both employee morale and customer satisfaction. Remember: Happy employees are productive employees, and satisfied customers are loyal customers.
Card description here about the inventory accuryacy and the 86% percent accuracy achieved

Increased Visibility

Make informed decisions by having clear visibility over your asset landscape. Better understanding leads to better service delivery and optimal asset usage.

Cost Efficiency

Streamline processes and track costs across an asset's lifecycle. Automation means reducing overheads and wastage, leading to significant cost savings.

Risk Mitigation

Ensure that all assets align with organizational policies and compliance standards. "My Assets" is your digital watchdog, ensuring risk is minimized every step of the way.

Redefining Asset Management

LEIDIT’s “My Assets” application is more than just an asset management tool; it’s a statement of how technology can simplify intricate processes, leading to an organization’s holistic growth and success.


ScrumPoker: The Ultimate Planning Poker Solution for Agile Teams

ScrumPoker: A Revolutionary ServiceNow Application tailored for Agile teams that turns estimation into a gamified experience. Whether you’re planning your sprint or trying to reach a consensus on story points, ScrumPoker ensures a streamlined, integrated, and fun approach.

LEIDIT ScrumPoker

Why Choose LEIDIT's ScrumPoker?

ScrumPoker: Bridging the Gap in ServiceNow's Agile Functionality

While ServiceNow offers robust DevOps and Agile capabilities within its ITBM application family, it lacked a dedicated Planning Poker function. Enter ScrumPoker: designed to complement ServiceNow's existing Agile and ITBM modules. This free application not only fills this void but elevates the entire agile estimation experience.

Download ScrumPoker Now and elevate your Agile game!

Optimize Your Records Management on ServiceNow with LEIDIT

LEIDIT presents a cutting-edge Electronic Records Management (ERM) solution, fully integrated with ServiceNow, designed to automate, simplify, and streamline your organization's ServiceNow records management practices.

Automatically apply a records disposition schedule to ServiceNow records based on specific metadata

Automatically apply a records disposition schedule to ServiceNow records based on specific metadata

Create, apply and remove holds for eDiscovery on ServiceNow records.

Automatically Identify and delete temporary ServiceNow records that are eligible for disposal.

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Shape the future of workflow solutions with us. At Leidit, every voice matters. Unleash your potential in an environment that champions innovation and growth. Be part of our journey.

LEIDIT'S Principles and Values

They are the principles that drive us, the beliefs that shape our actions, and the essence of our shared journey.


Our relentless pursuit of perfection in every endeavor.


Consistently pushing boundaries and pioneering solutions.


Building strong, long-lasting, and symbiotic relationships.