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LEIDIT Rewards Employees for Achieving High Number of ServiceNow Certifications

November 20, 2022

LEIDIT, a leading ServiceNow solutions provider, has recently introduced an employee certificate awards program to recognize its employees’ outstanding achievement in obtaining ServiceNow certifications. The company places great emphasis on the continuous learning and development of its workforce and invests in training programs to empower its team members.

“The certificate awards program is a testament to our commitment to the development of our employees,” said Alex Khayo, CEO and Co-Founder of LEIDIT. “We believe that investing in our employees’ professional development is an investment in the future of our company, and we will continue to support them in achieving their goals.”

The initiative has been a tremendous success, resulting in LEIDIT employees having the highest number of ServiceNow certifications compared to the number of employees in the company. The program aims to boost employee morale, promote a culture of learning, and encourage employees to pursue professional development opportunities.

“We are proud of our employees for their hard work and dedication towards achieving ServiceNow certifications,” said Enver Malsia, CTO and CO – Founder of LEIDIT. “This certificate awards program is a way for us to recognize and reward their efforts and motivate them to continue their professional development journey.”

LEIDIT values its employees and believes that investing in their development is vital to its success as a ServiceNow solutions provider. The company’s investment in its employees has enabled them to deliver innovative and effective solutions to their clients. LEIDIT plans to continue supporting its employees in their professional development journey and encourages more employees to participate in ServiceNow certification programs. The company hopes that this initiative will inspire other organizations to invest in their employees’ development and growth. Learn more about Leidit Employees Investment by visiting Work With Us page.


LEIDIT is a trusted provider of ServiceNow solutions and is recognized as an elite partner, small, disadvantaged business, and 8(a) SBA accredited company. Leveraging their vast knowledge and access to the latest ServiceNow features and updates, LEIDIT’s team of experts delivers innovative and customized services to revolutionize how organizations operate. They are committed to delivering exceptional value through digital and technological innovation, helping organizations unlock the full potential of their ServiceNow solutions. To learn more about LEIDIT and its dedication to delivering innovative ServiceNow solutions, please visit their website at

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