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Planning Poker Application for Scrum Teams

ScrumPoker is a ServiceNow Application that is fully integrated with ServiceNow Agile Module. ScrumPoker is a gamified technique for estimating Agile story points. It is built for Agile teams to guide them through sprint planning and to build accurate consensus estimates.

Why Leidit ScrumPoker

ScrumPoker allows Scrum teams to virtually bring together the project team around the Scrum Master, who facilitates the discussion taking place between the participants, in order to estimate the workload for the User Stories presented.

The main advantage of the ScrumPoker is to allow all participants to share knowledge and to enable the accurate estimation of user stories directly in ServiceNow without leaving the platform. The story points agreed upon by the team will automatically be allocated to the corresponding story. 

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How it Works

ServiceNow Provides a comprehensive DevOps and Agile functionality within the ITBM application family. The agile module, together with Portfolio and Project Management module, enables your organization to manage agile or hybrid projects by integrating scrum functionality (stories, epics, themes, scrum teams) with product releases and projects.  Our company and customers, as well as many other ServiceNow customers, use the agile module in ServiceNow for their development teams. However, ServiceNow does not provide a Planning (scrum) Poker functionality. ScrumPoker is a ServiceNow application that is available for free on the store to fill that gap. ScrumPoker is Now Certified and is fully integrated with the ServiceNow Agile and ITBM modules.

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