Assisting Federal Agencies in their Digital Transformation Journey

Federal government agencies have unique technology needs that require innovative solutions. As a trusted technology partner for federal agencies, Leidit is committed to securing, modernizing, and advancing your agency’s technology investments.

Data-Driven, Smart, Scalable Approach to Business Transformation

Leidit is a digital technology and operations management firm that earns customers’ trust by sticking to agreements, meeting deadlines, and providing exceptional service. We simplify procedures while also offering complete technology and operations management solutions. We help companies create digital IT procedures that modernise operations while increasing efficiency and lowering costs. Through targeted engagement by trained experts and ongoing development, we are committed to client success.

Digital Transformation driven by automation and artificial intelligence.

Program and Project Management to achieve efficiencies of scale.

Business Process training to create more value through the redesign of critical, customer touching, business processes

Protect your investigations and keep security incidents private


Tracking, prioritizing, and resolving vulnerabilities

Governance, Risk and Compliance to respond to business risks in real time.

Enterprise IT solutions to increase operational efficiency and drive better business outcomes.

Change Management and communications

Your industry's innovation

A strong workflow lies at the heart of any excellent experience. Using powerful digital operations,
accelerate your digital transformation to fit the particular demands of your sector.
servicenow Financial Services

Financial Services

Leverage ServiceNow solutions to manage compliance exceptions and remediation plans. Connect fragmented, siloed systems across middle and back offices.
servicenow for banking


ServiceNow pervades its applications to manage core IT processes with reduced efforts as well as handle risk assessment and reporting applications.


Maintain operational continuity and resilience by giving your staff access to organisational information as well as automating manual tasks.
Power Generation

Power Generation

Centralise IT infrastructure support, optimise performance and enable growth with ServiceNow automated updates and self-service tools.
servicenow for Utilities


Develop workflows and incident scenarios while meeting day-to-day challenges of the business with ServiceNow’s agile approach to service management.
servicenow for Water Supply

Water Supply

Optimise internal services, HR services, GDPR and purchasing with a centralised platform. Equip employees to make effective decisions and handle issues comfortably.
servicenow for Healthcare

Emergency Healthcare

Enable automated resource activation in the case of critical incidents. With ServiceNow, your employees can also monitor EHRs at the touch of a button and quickly share important information within the team.
servicenow for Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Use the power of ServiceNow to innovate and track the development of drugs, vaccines and more. The platform also offers support to conduct clinical trials and handle end-to-end quality management.
Data Security and Compliance

Data Security and Compliance

With ServiceNow, ensure that patient and employee data is secure at all times while maintaining interoperability and regulatory compliance.
Service Delivery

Service Delivery

With ServiceNow cloud‑based IT service management (ITSM) platform, government services, including Taxation, Railway and, healthcare have significantly improved their overall service delivery. They have been able to achieve this with superior automation and a single system of record.
servicenow IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Governments have dramatically improved IT efficiency as well as established user‑friendly IT processes and services. They have also been successful in optimizing costs, and standardizing IT services with ServiceNow.
Citizen & Employee Experience

Citizen & Employee Experience

ServiceNow ITSM and ITAM solutions have enabled government agencies to be more agile by modernizing legacy systems. This has led to creating seamless experiences for citizens and employees.

Leidit and ServiceNow

ServiceNow helps federal agencies simplify and strengthen their IT workflows. The platform empowers government organizations to drive their digital transformation and improve citizen services with secure and intelligent technology.

As a Premier ServiceNow Partner in the Public Sector, Leidit has guided several successful ServiceNow implementations for federal agencies to support their efforts to modernize their IT solutions and to better deliver digital service experiences. Leidit professional consultants are all certified with the highest ServiceNow certification with federal experience to support your agency. Learn more about our ServiceNow services.

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Extremely satisfied with the automated tools. Works Perfect, Thanks!
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